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The second single from actress Natasha Heschélle, ‘Without Your Love’ is a love ballad that is at the same time a full on dance groove. The track is the follow up to ‘Can’t Nobody Bring Me Down’, which she released earlier this year. ‘Without Your Love’ was written as a part of the Canadian TV series, ‘Zahara: The Return’, which can be seen on Amazon Prime.

‘Without Your Love’ is pure pop, and super catchy. Written by Natasha, alongside her producer, it calls to mind the style of Whitney Houston, as well as Beyoncé, both of whom are major influences on Natasha’s music.

The music video for ‘Without Your Love’ focuses mostly on Natasha singing, intersected by scenes from ‘Zahara: The Return’. Watch it below:

Natasha was born in Zimbabwe but now calls Canada her home, and has been involved in The Arts for her entire life, with a particular focus on acting and modelling. Now she moves into singing, and is able to expand her self-expression, as well as her love for old school RnB music, and pop.

You can find out more about Natasha Heschélle online on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Listen to more of Natasha’s music on Spotify.

- Essentially Pop

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