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In development

1 Season | 10 Episodes


Cher Harris appears to have the perfect life; she’s a whip smart medical student cruising the road to success, she has good looks and comes from a wealthy and well respected family… until a threat unexpectedly unfolds and forces her to confront the tragic past that she’s worked so hard to put behind her. This threat is none other than her old flame Dean Lockhart, who has been recently brought back from the dead by aunt, Eunice as part of her masterplan to overthrow Cher's mother Amara Harris, and take over her throne. Dean wants revenge against Amara for killing him and his entire family and locking them in a supernatural dimension of misery called purgatory, but also he wants Cher back, and this will reopen past wounds and set in motion a chaotic spiral of events that will turn everyone’s worlds upside down… Even the human population of Harmony is unwittingly drawn into this deadly supernatural world that they didn't even know existed.

Created by

Natasha Heschélle

Directed by




Produced by

Natasha Heschélle

Samantha Nemeth

Executive Producer

Lisa Moyo

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