Zahara: The Return is a 2019 Canadian supernatural-fantasy web series developed, written, produced and starring Natasha Heschelle. Directed by Katarzyna Kochany, the story follows HELEN (Natasha Heschelle), an ancient druid living comfortably in our time who has her world shattered when the love of her life, ARIC (Curtis Morgan), is magically brought back from the supernatural hell called Purgatory...oh yeah, and did we mention he's a blood thirsty vampire, sworn enemy to the druids? To complicate matters even more, the person who raised him from the dead is none other than the powerful witch, Sybil Tellback (Hannah Scott), one of Helen's oldest and deadliest adversaries and Arics’s ex fiancé. Aric's return and the resurgence of magic in St. Claire's draws the attention of dark shamans with revenge plots of their own and sparks a centuries old war between the supernatural factions, that threatens to ruin the peace that has blanketed the town for the last two hundred years.

Zahara: The Return